Is 3 months prep enough for gre?

By allowing yourself 3 months to study for the GRE, you have an excellent opportunity to spend the time needed to get the best score possible. Your biggest challenge may be to maintain motivation and momentum during this period. The average student spends 3 months preparing for the GRE exam. Although it seems like a long time, you will see that it is the perfect duration for this type of test.

This 90-day plan requires a manageable pace that follows several things. It's designed to improve as much as you can in a three-month period. There is no standard length of time to prepare for the desired GRE test score. However, students around the world spend an average of 3 months preparing for GRE.

Assuming you're familiar with basic quantitative and verbal aptitude, we've created this 12-week curriculum. Please don't push yourself thinking that you need to spend all day and night to get ready. At first, take a deep breath and then the first thing you need is motivation, get motivated so you can do it. So your first job is to prepare yourself mentally and get excited.

If English is not your first language, the GRE vocabulary will seem like a strange language to you, but little by little you will learn to use it. Usually, by comparison, the mathematics section will be easier for students.

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