How much does kaplan sat prep cost?

Get SAT classes designed to help you master the test anytime, anywhere. Compared to The Princeton Review, one of the best-known names in the exam preparation industry, Prep Expert is a newcomer to the field. The bottom line is that The Princeton Review can act as a SAT prep solution for almost any student, if you can afford it, but opting for Prep Expert as an alternative certainly won't hurt. We'll discuss the pros and cons of your SAT courses and also answer FAQs related to Kaplan's SAT preparation.

This course includes the same materials as the self-study package, but adds 18 hours of live classroom work for the SAT (16 for ACT) and a set of printed prep books. Unlike other SAT and ACT preparation companies that offer only one or two options to choose from, Princeton Review offers a whopping four course formats for its students. Kaplan's SAT prep courses have always been on the more expensive side of the test preparation spectrum, but they have recently reduced their prices to better compete with more affordable services. Keep in mind that Kaplan's SAT preparation courses have the option of trying a free SAT class if you want to see what it's like.

Both are test preparation giants and offer extensive curricula with video lessons, live lectures, printed preparation books, and more. Kaplan's most popular course includes video tutorials, over 1000 practice questions and unique progress reports that will help guide you through your preparation process and impress the college board. The Princeton Review outperforms Prep Expert thanks to the variety of its fields and the extensiveness of its materials, but it is not a landslide victory. My only real complaint with Kaplan's SAT and ACT prep course is that they don't provide a corresponding video solution with every practice question like they do with the quiz questions.

Consider making Magoosh SAT flashcards an option as an add-on to one of the other major SAT prep courses listed above. While other test preparation companies such as Khan Academy or Princeton Review offer two to four practice tests, Kaplan includes 8 practice tests in its course. Prep Expert, on the other hand, has only 2 in-person preparation centers, one in New Jersey and one in Nevada. That is, live classes, video lessons, practice questions, prep books, and practice tests form the basis of this course.

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